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Pro Auto Programming is committed to providing clients in Arizona with quality automotive diagnostics and ADAS calibrations. We make sure that we address their needs and meet their expectations at all times. Read what our clients have to say below:

"Pro Auto Programming was so knowledgeable and friendly. They came to my home to take care of my calibration which made things so much easier for myself."

-Alieeah, Forward Facing Camera Calibration

"We always call Pro Auto Programming first because we know they can take care of the job in a timely matter and do it correctly. Joe has many skills and trades so when I call him, I know he can take care of any job I need. Pro Auto is the absolute best"

-Valley Wide Body Shops

-4 months ago

Joe and one of his workers Bo went way above and beyond the call of duty in helping us get one of our limos fixed. We were having A/C issues in the back of our limo, and in AZ, you need ice cold A/C. We had just bought the limo and had nothing but problems right off the bat. Bo came out to our house and found that the freon had been mixed (an old type with a new type) and thus gunked up the system. They were able to evacuate the system and recharge it. We got cold again in the front but continued to have problems with temperature in the back. I was losing my mind, but, I had no idea what Joe and Bo were capable of!

Joe got on the phone with the manufacturer of the aftermarket unit we have in the back of our limo and made about 13 calls trying to get someone to help us fix the problem. He was able to get them to send us a part that they said needed to be replaced. When they sent the part, they sent the wrong part so Joe and Bo scoured the valley to find a store who carried the needed aftermarket part. They found it and got it installed the same day. Things were looking up, but after all of that, we still were not cold enough.

Joe got back on the phone with the manufacturer again, told them what was going on and finally got someone (with a brain) on the phone who told him that the system installed was not compatible with the type of (new) freon the vehicle was running. The limo builder put a unit in that was not compatible, and now it's our problem. Joe ordered a new unit from the manufacturer that IS compatible with the new type of freon, took an entire day out of his busy schedule, calibrating windshields all over the valley, to spend removing and installing the new replacement unit we bought. BOOM - we have cold AC!!!

Our problem was not necessarily something Joe advertises they specialize in, but he can literally do it all! There are not a lot of people who will work on stretch limos but Joe and Bo got us back up and running and like I said, they did WAY more than they ever should have but that is the type of company this is. I would highly recommend calling them, for just about anything, to see if it's something they can do for you!


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