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Pro Auto Programming is family owned & operated in Arizona. While we specialize in recalibrations, we also provide full mechanical services to residential and commercial clients. We have been certified in auto body repairs for more than 20 years. We also work with all insurance companies and I-CAR certified safety systems.

Servicing all collision and automotive repair facilities in the valley, we offer competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Do I Have ADAS on My Vehicle?

More and more vehicles are being manufactured with ADAS systems to provide owners with increasing levels of safety. One sign of an ADAS system is a forward-facing camera mounted on or behind the windshield. This is part of the vehicle's advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and is the primary safety system. If you are still unsure, give us a call and we can help you right away.

What Is Recalibration?

Recalibration is the process of returning a vehicle’s ADAS to the manufacturer’s OEM specifications. This will guarantee that all the safety systems are operating correctly. When you need a windshield replacement, almost all manufacturers specify that these camera systems be recalibrated.

Due to the precise nature and aiming of the camera, the difference of even a few millimeters in the mounting could mean the system is off by feet at the distance it is designed to recognize. This is critical to ensure that your safety systems are operating to manufacture specifications.

Your ADAS and Windshield Camera Calibration Specialist

Your vehicle is equipped with the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) to ensure safety and better driving. Cameras, radars, lasers, and software all work together to help reduce the risk of a collision. These system capabilities can vary from simple warning systems to self-driving features.

We're trusted around the valley for what we do, who we are, & the knowledge of all the new technology. Let us provide you with the safety your vehicle is built for.

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