Make Sure Your Windshield Camera Is Working Properly

Make Sure Your Windshield Camera Is Working Properly

Take advantage of our windshield camera calibration services

After replacing your windshield, your car no longer beeps when you're too close to other vehicles. That probably means you need a new window camera. Instead of waiting in line at the dealership, the pros at Pro Auto Programming will come to you. You can hire us to repair or replace your windshield camera in no time.

We'll get your system back to original equipment manufacturer standards. Get in touch with us now for more information about our windshield camera services.

Signs that you should recalibrate your windshield camera

Not sure if it's time to recalibrate your windshield camera? Consider getting our services if...

Your advanced driving assistance system is displaying fault codes
Your camera became disconnected or disturbed
Your vehicle was in a minor fender bender

We also recommend getting our service when you have a new windshield installed. Call 602-402-3458 to schedule windshield camera repair or replacement services today.