Not Getting Safety Alerts When You Drive?

Not Getting Safety Alerts When You Drive?

Arrange for advanced driver assistance system services now

Nowadays, many vehicles come with an advanced driver assistance system or ADAS. The ADAS alerts the driver of danger and can even help control the vehicle, which can save lives. Not every mechanic knows how to fix these systems. Luckily, the professionals at Pro Auto Programming are only one call away.

You can count on us to repair:

Lane departure features
Collision warning features
Blind spot monitoring features
Parking assistance features
Automatic cruise control features
Pedestrian protection features
Headlight control features

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Many companies offer ADAS services, but don't have proper training. Pro Auto is certified, trained, & consistently learning new advancements in vehicle technology. You can trust Pro Auto for your calibration services.

How will we recalibrate your ADAS?

Static and dynamic are the two primary forms of ADAS. Static systems need to be calibrated when the vehicle isn't moving. We'll rely on leveled flooring and state of the art equipment to fix this system while your car is parked. It will only take us about an hour to have your static system working like new.

Dynamic systems need to be calibrated while the vehicle is moving. We'll plug in a handheld device that will work out any issues while we drive your vehicle. We'll make sure to drive your vehicle at the right speed and during optimal weather conditions.

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